Solomon Hookah Black


Solomon Hookah Black is a modern reading of ancient history. We tried to convey the aesthetics of classic oriental hookahs, but use modern materials. The base, the decor of the marpuch and the stem are made of an unusual and premium material – marble carbon. Stem, tray and tube inside stainless steel marpuch. External coating with titanium nitride in black color. Fastening the base with a stem using a threaded connection. Nappa leather braided silicone hose. Carbon fiber marpuch, weighing 350 grams, decorated with weaving from a waxed cord. A removable tray for lapping made of stainless steel is covered with embossing, it is exclusively manual work that requires time and effort of the master. The complete hookah is packed in a box made of craft matte cardboard, inside there is a foam-rubber lodgment with a velvet covering with black flock. With the hookah you receive a manuscript made of aged paper with the message of Solomon, where your name and surname are entered.

Hookah weight in complete set: 3.3 kg.
Base water level: 2.2 liters.



In set:
1. Marble carbon stem

2. Black Tray with artistic coinage

3. Marble carbon base

4. Exclusive carbon fiber marpuch

5. Leather hose with a connector on the o-ring rings

6.The manuscript of Solomon

7. Gift box

Packing dimensions: 63/41/31 cm.
Hookah weight in packing: 8 kg.

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Additional information

Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 63 × 43 × 33 cm