Solomon hookah

We greet you old hands and sophisticated connoisseurs!

Please accept our congratulations, as from now you own our limited edition Solomon hookah. We thank you for your choice and would like to tell you a few words about this hookah.

The East helps to uncover the invaluable art of genuine leisure. You are just letting the rush go and relax enjoying an excellent hookah.
Traditional secrets of the Eastern experts received a new boost in the Western world: even the concept of the “hookah ceremony” was revised and renewed here. We aim to demonstrate to every connoisseur that the noble legacy of centuries remains actual and contemporary in our times. Our oeuvres enable you to possess an authentic premium class product.

Have a glance at you hookah: you will see the perfect embodiment and perceive harmony in every detail. Solomon is characterized by the mesmerizing balance of every line born from the association with silhouettes of the Eastern domes, as well as an exquisite marpuch of the best quality. You feel the shisha culture in its whole richness.

We have done justice to the sources of this culture and used the materials with exceptional qualities. Our hookah is the triunity of perfection: rust-proof metal; ideal vessel which is sturdier than glass and lighter than plastic; elegantly crafted leather deftly sewn with thousands of stitches. If you can duly appreciate careful handiwork and get inspired by unique things, just follow your wishes.

Solomon hookah – modern take on age-old traditions.

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1. The decor of the mine is marble carbon, drop-shaped, the internal diameter of the shaft is 11 mm., Without a diffuser (classic traction).
2. Base — marbled carbon, on a threaded connection to the base of the stem. Weight 350 gr. In a complete set, the height of the hookah is 60 cm.
Required water level 2.2 liters.
3. Marpuch — marble carbon fiber, with decorative elements in the form of black lacing, inside the tube 10 mm., Stainless steel lugs, length 52 cm.
4. Tray — chasing decor, handmade, removable on grinding, diameter 22 cm.
5. Leather hose — black silicone inside 11/15, length 1.5 m. Hose connector on o-ring rings.
6. The manuscript is a designer aged paper, with the message of Solomon, the name and surname of the owner fit in, after the sale.


Marble carbon is a material that is a chaotic interweaving of carbon fibers, each of which reflects light differently, as a result of which this type of carbon sparkles like a stroboscope from almost all viewing angles (which is not available for carbon in ordinary ordered weaving, glowing only at a certain location relative to the observer and the light source). Marble carbon is an extraordinary and modern material.

Marble carbon was developed only in 2009 for the production of exclusive knives and subsequently began to be used in various luxury products, such as designer phones, jewelry, luxury cars, and other designer accessories. The uneven interweaving of the innovative carbon fiber threads creates an absolutely unique effect of smooth and unpredictable, like viscous and glaring black patterns, each of which is unique and refracts the light in its own way, so you can enjoy this surging high-tech marble forever.

The leather for the hose is called Napa (Nappa) obtained from the skins of lambs processed in a special way and passed chrome tanning. The main advantages, plasticity, thinness, softness, durable and strong due to the way it is processed. It is considered very good skin from which make elite covers, bags, gloves, jackets.